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February 14, 2008 
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 The Incredible Edible Flower
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Beautiful heirloom tomatoes from local grower Fancy Farms are available this month.
This is a great chance to promote an alternative to regular tomatoes, which have recently been coming in rather light.
We are currently looking for some qualified people to join the Bay Area Herbs & Specialties team.

Petals for the Palate

Edible flowers are the new rage in haute cuisine. Chefs use them to garnish and lend snap and flavor in salads and desserts, and for drink and candy adornment.
These fresh-picked organically grown blossoms will give your February sales a reason to bloom:
Miniature members of the carnation family with light fragrances of clove or nutmeg.
Red tubular flowers with a subtle sage taste are tasty in salads and pretty as garnishes. Compliments beans, corn, mushrooms, pesto or a savory sauce.
Pansies have a slightly sweet or grassy flavor. Use them as garnishes, in fruit salads, green salad, desserts or in soups.
These miniatures can garnish desserts or salads. Petals can be used in syrups, jellies, perfumed butter and sweet spreads.  

Please place your pre-orders by the week of February 4th, as quantities are limited.

Red • White • Pink
50 ct tray
Sage Tubes Red
4 oz tray
Pansies Red•White•Pink•Purple
50 ct tray
Mini-Roses Red • White • Pink
50 ct tray